Hi, my name is Natalie, and I am a Junior in the Science Research Program at Laguna Blanca School in Santa Barbara, California. I am also, a Girl Scout Ambassador in Troop 50886 working on my Gold Award project. The SmartFarm is my STEM Project and Gold Award combining to make a change in the world.


For my Gold Award, I am creating a middle school curriculum that integrated technology into sustainable agriculture to teach the mindset and skills needed to succeed in computer science by using agriculture to expand our next generation’s knowledge of food production.


I am working with a classmate - Kai Nakamura - to develop IoT devices that transmit data on a specific land plot or farm to an app that then gives the farmer the adequate information to predict production rate, plant life, and the probability of successful growth.


Once the curriculum and devices are edited and tested, I plan to implement this technology in kits I send to developing countries to help aid the food insecurity they experience every day.


I strongly believe that if you teach the new generation to provide for themselves using modern methods, world hunger will periodically subside and our world will prosper. The more people we bring onto this planet, the more mouths we will feed. Why not teach humans, in their earliest stages of brain development, how to efficiently provide for themselves and the rest of humanity?


Natalie McCaffery


I am a Junior at Laguna Blanca High School and am in the Science Research Program. I am also an Ambassador Girl Scout and National Delegate for the Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast. I hope to pursue a career in medicine or agricultural science in my future and my hobbies include sailing, playing Volleyball, training my dog, and backpacking. 

Kai Nakamura

Head of Computer Development

My name is Kai Nakamura. My interests are in computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, microcontrollers, and anything related. Joining a STEM program at Laguna Blanca School, I’ve enjoyed exploring a multitude of scientific topics ranging from Sports Psychology to CRISPR. After hearing one of the guest speakers talking about the Breakthrough Starshot project, I became very interested in it.

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