4-Week Curriculum for Middle Schoolers 

Mini Curriculum

This curriculum is a 4 week program for middle schoolers to learn about sustainable practices with an emphasis on integrating technology into aspects of agriculture. Each lesson is supposed to last an hour and includes a subject plan, activity, and connection point. 


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10-Week Curriculum for Middle/High Schoolers

Regular Curriculum

This 10-week curriculum is geared towards middle schoolers that are interested in a hands-on approach to technology and agriculture as one. Each session is supposed to last 1-2 hours and throughout the program the integration of technology increases. The curriculum includes lesson plans, one build kit for an IoT weather station, and activities for each session. 

Please fill out the contact form if interested.

All-Immersive Community Garden Program

Community Program

This program is to teach students of food-insecure societies to monitor and sustain a community garden of their own. This curriculum includes instruction, lesson plans, activities, and custom build kits for the specific area (size, region, etc.). This program is geared toward communities in need of nutritional support. 


Please fill out the contact form if interested.

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